Welcome to “Honduras The Coffee Republic”, where only 100% Authentic Arabica is proudly produced from single points of origin defined as “estate coffee” from individually FAMILY OWNED PLANTATIONS throughout the entire country.sp

Plantation Coffee at It’s Best

Please see definition of “estate coffee” below:
“Estate coffees are a specific type of single-origin coffee. They are generally grown on a single farm, which might range in size from a few acres to large plantations occupying many square miles, or a collection of farms which all process their coffee at the same mill” Coffee is cultivated throughout Honduras with vast amounts of hectares (estimated up to 300,000) dedicated to coffee with most plantations in forest regions producing “shade grown coffee” resulting in a rich & robust coffee which enhances the biodiversity. It is estimated that about 500,000 families are directly & indirectly employed in the coffee sector making it an important labor generator having a huge impact on GDP. This emphasizes the not only economical impact of coffee on the country but also the social impact of coffee…
Honduras is in the top ten (10) Arabica producing countries in the world expected to reach 5th place in 2017 as per many international and independent reports, i.e. The World of Coffee 2017 by the Neumann Gruppe

Bio-Diversity of the Coffee Regions of Honduras

We invite you to taste the excellence of the coffees of “Café de Honduras”; the delicious and distinctive flavors that originate in our country. Café de Honduras is synonymous with its people, rich agricultural tradition and harmony with the diverse environment. Coffee production is a way of life for more than one hundred thousand families 100,000 families who directly participate and benefits from the production of this agricultural product.

The vast majority of coffee produced in Honduras comes from mountainous regions of 210 of the 298 municipalities and 15 of the country’s 18 departments, generating more than one million jobs that generate about 38% of Agricultural GDP. About 48% of the Honduran territory is forest land; mountainous regions, valleys and an unequaled bio-diversity which enhances “Cafe de Honduras”!

The quality of our coffees is the direct result of the combination of the geographic diversity of the country and the meticulous work of our producers throughout the production chain, from the production of small farms to large plantations, the ‘shade grown”, sun dried and benefit the preparation for export.

“Honduras The Coffee Republic” with ‘Catracho’ Passion for Arabica

Honduras is a truly ‘the coffee republic’, not only for its passion for Arabica, not only for being ranked as one of the top ten (10) coffee producers in the world, not only for our coffee being from single country point of origin, but the pride with which each producer cultivates his coffee with “catracho pride” bringing you with each cup an excellent coffee from different geo-regions encompassing various rich and distinct coffee tastes!
Here the factual explanation of the “unique” word CATRACHO:
Catracho is a name for a male that has family from Honduras, or born in Honduras. Just as a Catracha (with “a” at the end) is a female born in Honduras or with family from Honduras. For example, how Mexican Americans have their name which is Chicano, Hondurans have Catracho/Catracha.

Enjoy the interesting reading on the origin of the word CATRACHO:
Central Americans refer to a person from Honduras as a Catracho. The term was coined by Nicaraguans in the mid-19th century when Honduran General Florencio Xatruch returned from battle with his Honduras and El Salvador soldiers after defeating American freebooters commanded by William Walker, whose purpose was to re-establish slavery and take over all of Central America. As the general and his soldiers returned, some Nicaraguans yelled out ¡Aquí vienen los xatruches!, meaning “Here come Xatruch’s boys!” However, Nicaraguans had so much trouble pronouncing the general’s last name that they altered the phrase to los catruches and ultimately settled on los catrachos. Salvadorans fought side by side with their Honduran Central American brothers, against William Walker’s troops.

The “vision” of ‘Cafe de Honduras’ is to support the country’s coffee sector while ensuring the small producers share in the economic well-being and prosperity!SHARING THE COUNTRY’S COFFEE VISION

Our Mission is simple; share with you our “Passion for Arabica’ while promoting, marketing and bringing the best ‘Cafe de Honduras’ coffee to Europe, the largest coffee market in the world.

Our European base is the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe where we import, roast, and develop the full-concept of Cafe de Honduras while supporting all the country’s coffee growers, exporters and additional related coffee products directly to you!

Come share our Passion for Arabica!

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